Monday, May 13, 2013

New Layout

Introducing a new layout for this blog. I have updated the "dated" look of the blog for a more flat look with Android "Holo" colors. I use the "holo blue" and various dark and light grays, all from official Android elements such as action bars and and action bar icons. I will be re-releasing two apps this summer. Theme Tester and AndroWeather (formerly Legacy Weather). Theme Tester will have a "pro" version called "Theme Tester+". AndroWeather will also most likely have  a "pro" version as well and will probably have the "plus" added to the end. The old apps will be unpublished because the "key" I used for those apps was corrupted when my old hard drive crashed. I was able to retrieve it (and everything else) off the hard drive, but not matter what I did I couldn't get the "key" to work to submit new apps. Plus the new apps have new package names, so that would also cause problems. I will be posting pictures of the apps and the feature graphics to see how you guys like them. I'm always taking suggestions to improve the look of my apps and their presentation. Let me know what you guys think of the new layout.