Friday, November 19, 2010

Major Update

I published an update for the DYLM app. I have added a Menu that has a Help (?) button and Clear (x) button. The Help button shows the current version and tells the user how to get to this website. The Clear button simply clears the selection made by the user. I have also added the logo for this sight at the bottom of the screen that, when tapped, will bring the user straight here. I am still working on the option to set the background behind the text and buttons. Most people don't understand what the point of the application is and give bad reviews, so read the description before judging the app, please. I also updated the description so that people won't be confused that the app sends the message over text, email, or bluetooth. Sorry for not making it clear earlier. For those of you who have downloaded it and are reading this, thank you :)


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rough UI Sketches

Here are some sketches I made on some paper. I took them with my phone, so I hope that the quality will suffice. This is just a small preview of what is (hopefully) to come. If you have any experience with graphics, home-replacement apps, or have any contributing ideas, then feel free to contact me via email ( or by leaving comments on this site. Enjoy :)

 Layer 1 (above): A vertically-scrolling home-screen that the user can place icons and widgets on without "snapping to a grid." The total area will most likely be the equivalent to about 4+ screens (let me know how much screen space would be needed). The sphere on the right (or left if the user chooses) serves as the app-drawer button and a way to access the fan (see Layer 2a). The little rectangular tab on the left (right below the weather widget) is the widget-drawer tab (see Layer 2b). Both of these objects remain stationary while scrolling so that they are always available. 
Layer 2a (above): This is the "fan" where the categories (Games, Multimedia, Social, Most Used/Favorites, etc.) of apps will be filled. The "fan" can be accessed two ways: either by flicking diagonally from top-right (if it is on the right side) to the bottom-left to have the "fan" unfold from the corner around the sphere; or by holding the sphere icon to let the "fan" expand out from the sphere. Tap the sphere for the app-drawer. Once in the app drawer, hold the app icon and drag it to the sphere and the "fan" will expand to show the categories so that you can simply drop the app into a category. If you want the app on the home-screen, then just go to the app drawer and hold your finger on an app and place the icon on the home-screen where ever you want.

Each of the boxes with circles in them represent the applications that appear once a category is selected by dragging your finger outward from the category. The apps will have a zoom effect when your finger is on the app and just release to launch the app.
 Layer 2b (above): This is another part of the second layer. This is a slide-out drawer that houses all the widgets. It scrolls vertically to show all the 3rd-party widgets that the user has. I will hopefully provide some feed (Facebook, twitter, mail, messages, etc.) widgets to accompany the home-replacement. This drawer expands horizontally by dragging (or tapping) on the rectangle tab on the left side of the screen (as seen on layer 1).
Layer 3 (above): This layer is purely a gesture layer. Simply perform a gesture (a letter, a shape, anything) and the gesture will be able to launch an application, open a contact, change a setting, etc. The possibilities are endless. 

 I hope you guys liked the sketches, sorry they are so rough. I have yet to acquire a wacom tablet, so all of my artwork is done on old-fashioned paper. If you have any questions regarding the sketches, please ask.

Thank you so much for visiting,

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Small Update

I published a small update today. I added support for landscape keyboard phones :)

>>What kind of applications would be useful to you guys? I am trying to think of an idea for another app to start developing in the mean time. Oh, and would it be "too much like everybody else" if I added ads into the DYLM (Do You Love Me) app?

Thank you so much for visiting,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

1st Application!!!

I have published my First Application!!! This app serves as a sort of test. This is all new to me so I would like some user feedback concerning compatibility issues and ideas for future updates. I made this app for my Girlfriend, so don't hate too much. It is a simple application, but it serves its purpose as a test and as something to just be funny.

Progress has been made on the Homescreen-replacement app:
--The name (so far) is C.H.A.N.G.E. (Customizable-Home-Application-Non-Grid-Evolution)
--I have made some full-scale concept sketches of the app and I have an Icon as well. I will post pictures of the concept sketches as soon as possible.
--The main screen will be able to be scrolled vertically (much like the Metro UI on WP7)
--There will be 3 distinct "layers" that are the foundation of the app
-Layer 1: The Home screen: will house the apps and widgets on a vertically-scrolling screen that does not "snap" to a grid
-Layer 2: The "Fan" and Widget Drawer: (explained in detail later)
-Layer 3: The Gesture screen: a screen dedicated to user-assigned gestures (contacts, apps, etc.) - Pinch to activate
--One constant throughout the entire app: the Notification Bar (Can be edited by user if need be)

Well, it's getting late, so I will (hopefully) post those UI sketches soon :)

Thank you so much for visiting,