Thursday, November 11, 2010

1st Application!!!

I have published my First Application!!! This app serves as a sort of test. This is all new to me so I would like some user feedback concerning compatibility issues and ideas for future updates. I made this app for my Girlfriend, so don't hate too much. It is a simple application, but it serves its purpose as a test and as something to just be funny.

Progress has been made on the Homescreen-replacement app:
--The name (so far) is C.H.A.N.G.E. (Customizable-Home-Application-Non-Grid-Evolution)
--I have made some full-scale concept sketches of the app and I have an Icon as well. I will post pictures of the concept sketches as soon as possible.
--The main screen will be able to be scrolled vertically (much like the Metro UI on WP7)
--There will be 3 distinct "layers" that are the foundation of the app
-Layer 1: The Home screen: will house the apps and widgets on a vertically-scrolling screen that does not "snap" to a grid
-Layer 2: The "Fan" and Widget Drawer: (explained in detail later)
-Layer 3: The Gesture screen: a screen dedicated to user-assigned gestures (contacts, apps, etc.) - Pinch to activate
--One constant throughout the entire app: the Notification Bar (Can be edited by user if need be)

Well, it's getting late, so I will (hopefully) post those UI sketches soon :)

Thank you so much for visiting,