Saturday, May 7, 2011

Legacy Apps Update

I released an update for both the Legacy Music Player [Prototype] and the Legacy Weather app. The weather app update was minor (only increasing the size of the start/stop buttons). The music player app had a HUGE update. I was FINALLY able to get the songs section to list all the songs found on the SDCard. Granted, the songs aren't in alphabetical order, yet. I'm still working on that :P Oh, and the artists section lists all the artists (they are repeated for some reason, haven't figured that one out yet). Jumping back to the list of songs from the can play a song by tapping on it, but there are a few bugs. The first one that I noticed is that when ever you change orientation, the song stops (not sure exactly why yet). The second one I noticed is that once a song ends, you either have to change orientation (to reset the list) or back out (by hitting the provided "home" button) and enter in again to play another song. If there are any other bugs, please let me know either by email, or by commenting below. Thanks for all the downloads so far :)

On a side note, how do you guys feel about ads? Would you rather have ads in a free version then a paid version without them? Or strictly ads and keep all apps free? Or have no ads and paid versions only for donations (and possibly "limited edition" content). Let me know what you think.

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