Sunday, May 1, 2011

Legacy Weather -Release-

I just released my second Legacy App. I call them "Legacy Apps" because they feature my "Legacy UI" which brings a honeycomb-ish look and feel to phone devices. I wanted all app elements to be accessible on-screen without the use of buttons. I will have a QR code ready when I get a chance, which will most likely be next week due to finals being this week.

Legacy Weather is not necessarily a beta, but you could treat it like one by giving lots of feedback about what's wrong with it and what kind of features you guys would like. So far, the only real useful thing about this app is the "Thunder Timer" that tells you how far away lightning is by converting the seconds between the flash of lightning and the thunder into miles and kilometers. There was an app on my iPod touch that I have and it does only this and I always wanted one on my phone, so I just made one ;)

Screen Shots Below:

as always...thanks for visiting :)